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Greenberg & Ruby, LLP is a California personal injury trial law firm with a proven record of obtaining maximum compensation for injured people and their families in California. Our trial lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and resources to take on the tough cases and win. We aggressively litigate each case and are always prepared to go to trial if the insurance companies refuse to pay a fair settlement.

Over the last 50 years, our attorneys have successfully litigated thousands of personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout California. We have collected over $250 million in trial verdicts and settlements for our clients. We have paid over $10,000,000 in referral fees to attorneys throughout California.

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking an ‘impossible’ case and turning it into a significant win that can change a client’s life forever. In my fifty years of practice, my most rewarding cases have been the ones where we fought a greedy insurance company who was determined not to pay a cent to our client, and we won against all odds.” – David Greenberg

“What Greenberg & Ruby brings to the table is results with a personal touch. We understand that most of our clients are going through the worst time of their lives, whether it be their own debilitating injury or the death of a loved one. We pride ourselves on channeling our compassion for our clients into successful outcomes.” – Emily Ruby

We pride ourselves on being the “go-to” firm that other law firms refer their tough third-party work injury cases to.

If you have a workers’ compensation attorney, or if you are a workers’ compensation attorney, call us to help you find a third-party case. If you have a third-party case, it is likely worth substantial money in addition to your workers compensation case.

Third-Party Workplace Injury Attorneys

When an employee is injured by a third-party on the job, there frequently will be the opportunity to pursue a civil lawsuit in addition to the workers’ compensation claim. The damages that can be claimed in the civil lawsuit include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and in certain cases, punitive damages.  These damages can be significantly larger than the medical bills and lost earnings.

There are specific laws that apply in these cases, and it is important to have the third-party case handled by attorneys with experience in this area. We specialize in identifying difficult third-party liability that is missed by other attorneys. We have successfully recovered money for our clients in wide range of third-party cases, including cases against general contractors, premises owners and managers, rental companies, product manufacturers, and sub-contractors, as well as employers under the limited exceptions to the employers exclusive remedy rule. 

Your workers’ compensation cases may be worth a lot more than you think. You are missing money for you and your clients if you do not review your cases for potential third-party liability. We will review any death or serious injury case for third-party liability at no charge 

If we identify potential third-party liability, we will represent the client in the third-party case, while you keep the workers’ compensation case. We advance all costs in the third-party case. If we recover from the third-party defendants, we pay a 1/3 referral fee to the referring attorney 

Examples of our current third-party work injury cases include, among others:

  • Fall from scaffold on construction site
  • Fall through a warehouse skylight causing severe traumatic brain injury
  • Fatal fall through an unguarded hole in the five-story roof of a building under construction
  • Fall from a scissor lift causing severe traumatic brain injury
  • Fatal injury from a portable electric grinder while cutting stucco
  • Severe traumatic brain injury from an auto accident while leaving work
  • Forklift accident while unloading a train car in a warehouse caused crush injury to leg requiring amputation
  • Fatal injuries to worker in hazardous chemicals facility who was driving a forklift that ignited a nearby flammable substance
  • Injury from falling gate on construction site
  • Severe dog bite to City property inspector
  • Electrocution while installing electrical equipment at LAX
  • Severe traumatic brain injury from fall from roof during construction
  • Severe traumatic brain injury from being catapulted from a boom lift while loading onto truck at equipment rental yard
  • Traumatic brain injury to truck driver from being assaulted by security guard at warehouse while picking up load
  • Severe injuries from electrocution from overhead powerline while cleaning roof solar panels
  • Fatal collision with a tow truck and semi-truck dangerously parked on side of the road
  • Multiple slips and falls in grocery stores
  • Workplace injury involving client’s eye being punctured by exposed rebar in pool

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